Watches in Space ~ (3D model making composited with supplied photography) ~ 1 Client Project ~ (14 images)
Stage 1 : Rough pencil sketches, studio photographs of front views of 12 watches including straps / bracelets, and stock shots of moon surfaces, astronaut and moon buggy supplied by client.
Stage 2 : Retouching watches and removing straps. Color grading to make overall contrast density and color balance more harmonic with eventual environments.
Stage 5 : Materials assigned, lighting and environment worked on and final renders produced.
Stage 7 : Buzz Aldrin flipped and retouched and isolated from original background. Moon surfaces, rocks and craters manipulated, and various parts blended together and colored.
Stage 8 : Final compositing of all elements, with care to avoid central gutter running through the center of DPS formats.
Photorealistic 3D modeling and rendering for print, animations, & web
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